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Embark on a journey of self-discovery!

Everyone has a story to tell and every story is unique.

There are no ugly stories. Only stories that are never heard.

About the Book

"So, what made me start this daunting journey? Why would anyone want to hear my story? Where and how do I begin? Would I have the courage to confront and reveal my secrets and fears? Would I have the time and discipline to finish a book?

After three years of runs and stops, I'm thrilled that I've finally finished writing my memoir. In 12 chapters and about 90,000 words, I did my best to tell the tale of my life journey: from growing up in the slums of Hong Kong’s notorious Walled City to venturing to the hallowed halls of Harvard and the buzz of Wall Street and then embarking on a lifelong dedication to the headhunting profession.

The more you know yourself, the more authentic the journey of self-discovery will be.”

- Louisa Wong

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Watch: A Conversation with the Author

What Readers Are Saying

"An extraordinary journey by an extraordinary woman….Louisa gives 1000% to living life. Truly enjoyed reading the book. Louisa is a beautiful butterfly herself.”

-Ellen Lee Chon, COO/CFO, Phoenix Property Investors

"Louisa Wong has written an extraordinarily compelling and authentic story of her journey through life. Throughout the book, her love for family and Hong Kong shines through brightly. An inspirational and engaging read.”

-James Hogan, former Regional Chief Operating Officer - Asia Pacific, HSBC

Green Pastel Butterflies

"Butterflies arrive unexpectedly and leave quickly, leaving only an impression. Opportunities are the butterflies of Louisa’s story. Rather than let her opportunities fly away, she grasped them and through hard work, dedication, and inspiration, Louisa built a leading multinational business and achieved success. Not all went well, difficulties had to be overcome, and at one point she overestimated her personal ability. But she focused on her client’s success and that of her team.

This book is a very frank description of a life lived to the full that should inspire young people hesitant about their ability to strike out to make a difference. It is also a story of so many Hong Kong people of Louisa’s generation whose careers had unlikely beginnings but achieved much, and by so doing, built one of the great cities of China.”

-Vernon Moore, experienced executive and non-executive director and chairman

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"'We don’t have much, but when we give, we must touch the heart,' mom told us." - Louisa Wong

Proceeds from the book sales will be donated to Harmony House, a Hong Kong-based NGO dedicated to providing emergency hotlines, accommodation, crisis intervention, counseling, and group therapy to support victims of domestic abuse and advocate harmonious family relationships in the community.

Let's help them rebuild a new life and be brave to tell their stories!

Donate HK$188 now to Harmony House and we will send you a free copy of the book after the official launch in May.

Hit on the "Online Donation" link and fill in HK$188 (book price) under the amount.

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Book Launch Date: May 1st , 2023

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